How to use children's water bottle?

- Feb 21, 2019-

Babies are unwilling to touch water bottles at first. Parents should demonstrate patiently and teach their children how to use water bottles correctly. In principle, babies should transition from duck-billed to suction-pipe to drinking-water training, from soft mouth to hard mouth. It can be progressive or leap-forward. Parents should pay attention to the baby's habits and preferences and upgrade the cup in time. Babies from the pacifier to water cup is a gradual process, parents should also pay close attention to the baby's mood, so as to keep abreast of their babies.


A new design of water nozzle and fittings is designed according to infant's oral development, which is easy to use, no leakage and meets the hygienic requirements. Learning bottle includes duck-billed bottle and straw bottle. The duck-billed bottle is more suitable for babies who first learn to drink from the bottle. The straw bottle can be used by larger babies.


Duck-billed water bottle: Duck-billed bottle is suitable for babies of about 5 months. The transition before the suction bottle is short, and most hemp reflection is not practical.


[Straw water bottle]: As the name implies, the water bottle with a straw in the middle, convenient for the baby to drink water, can help the baby smooth transition from bottle feeding to cup feeding stage, while enhancing the baby's hand-mouth coordination ability. Generally speaking, children from 6 months old to under 10 years old can use straw water bottles. Most babies can drink with straw water bottles in about 6-9 months.


Can't force the baby to use the learning water bottle, can arouse the baby's curiosity, pour some brightly colored juice, slowly guide the baby to try, so that the baby is more acceptable!