How to use plastic water bottles? Enjoy your drink with ease.

- Mar 25, 2019-

Plastic water bottles are loved by many people, especially children and adolescents, when they go out for activities. However, due to the various materials of plastic water bottles, if plastic water bottles with poor safety level are selected, long-term use will bring about potential safety hazards. How to choose a safe and portable plastic water bottle?


When choosing a water bottle, you should also be clear about your purpose. PC products are generally more beautiful than PP products. Many people only pay attention to this point when they choose water cups. But if they are to be put into microwave ovens, only PP products with good heat resistance and stability can be competent.


Disease control experts remind us that when choosing plastic water bottles, we should also pay attention to two points: one is to look at the production license, the other is to look at the plastic recycling signs. Production license is the certificate that the state allows enterprises to produce related products, and also the certificate that their products meet the relevant safety requirements. Plastic recycling signs indicate the basic material of plastics. They are usually located at the bottom of plastic products and are triangular. In the middle, several numbers from 1 to 7 are used to represent different materials.


Most of the plastic water bottles sold on the market nowadays are made of polycarbonate (PC). If you have purchased a PC-based water bottle, how can we tell if it is safe? When you first buy plastic water bottle, wash it with baking soda powder and warm water, and dry it naturally at room temperature, because BPA will release more during the first use. In subsequent use, avoid heating, do not use dishwasher, dish dryer cleaning, do not spend a long time in direct sunlight, avoid filling hot water or tea. If the water bottle is damaged, it is recommended to stop using, because if there are slight pits on the surface of plastic water bottles, it is easy to hide bacteria.