Inner liner of stainless steel thermos flask

- Apr 15, 2020-

According to the investigation data of the material of the stainless steel thermos flask, we usually see a wide variety of stainless steel thermos flasks, and different inner liners are used, so the insulation effect is not the same. However, from the data point of view, the proportion of the stainless steel thermos flask of the stainless steel liner is about 50%, the proportion of the plastic liner, the glass liner and the ceramic liner is not large, and their characteristics are different.

1. Stainless steel thermos flask with glass liner: glass is the safest material in drinking utensils, which is made by firing at high temperature. However, the glass has a relatively fragile disadvantage. It is not safe to use it as the inner liner of the stainless steel thermos flask, and the practical price is not high;

2. Stainless steel thermos flask with plastic liner: there are few stainless steel thermos flasks of this type in the market at present, but there are still a few low-cost stainless steel thermos flasks, which cheat consumers with inferior ones. Usually, it's better not to use plastic products to pack high temperature water;

3. Ceramic liner stainless steel thermos flask: it can be used for a long time by combining the tight ceramic liner with the stainless steel with high corrosion resistance, and the harm to human body is relatively small.

4. Stainless steel liner stainless steel thermos flask: This is the most common liner material of the stainless steel thermos flask, with high density, insulation performance and practical price. However, rust may appear after long-term use. Because of its wide application, there are many fake stainless steel thermos flasks on the market;

After the comparison of different liner thermos flask, it is found that different liner has an important influence on the insulation effect. Therefore, when purchasing, we'd better choose regular products with quality assurance to ensure that we can buy products with excellent stainless steel thermos flask.

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