Insulated thermos bottle manufacturer: high quality products are not afraid to be compared

- Apr 27, 2020-

As the saying goes, real gold is not afraid of red fire, wine is not afraid of deep lane. Now, the high-quality and low-quality of the insulated thermos bottle on the market are mixed. In order to win the trust of consumers, some insulated thermos bottle manufacturers have thrown out the adage that "high quality products are not afraid to be compared, only the comparison can reflect the specialty and quality of products". In the end, we still need to speak with facts. Here are the specific comparisons between high-quality and low-quality insulated thermos bottles.

1. The high-quality 304 stainless steel is hard and not easy to deform, and the liner will not turn black or rust after long-term use, unless it is caused by improper use. The manganese content of 201 stainless steel with low price and poor quality seriously exceeds the standard, which affects human health after long-term use, and it is easy to deform and rust, and the discoloration of the inner liner is even more worrying;

2. High quality coating environmental protection paint, bright color, beautiful and durable, not easy to scratch, year-round use will not fade paint. However, the ordinary spray painting process is thin and the color is too bright, which will affect the beauty and give people a sense of low quality;

3. The high-quality food grade silicon rubber ring is safe, non-toxic and harmless, with small odor and strong sealing, and closely fits with the cup cover. On the contrary, the common silicone rubber ring has a big peculiar smell, is very thin and easy to turn yellow, and has poor leak proof effect;

4. The company's brand logo of the insulated thermos bottle is clear and does not fade, while the logo of the informal manufacturer or the fake insulated thermos bottle is different from the genuine one, which is unclear and irregular.

Therefore, only the insulated thermos bottle produced by the regular well-known insulated thermos bottle manufacturers has the quality assurance. If the manufacturers want to obtain the trust and support of consumers, they must insist on speaking with high-quality products to achieve success.

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