insulated thermos bottle with temperature display

- Nov 19, 2020-

Whether at home, at work or at school, or out of the house, it is best to bring a insulated thermos bottle, so that you can drink clean and sanitary water anytime and anywhere! There are a lot of insulated thermos bottles on the market, either the insulation effect is general, or the price is particularly high, or it is very ugly. Recommend a insulated thermos bottle with 24-hour insulation effect, support customized logo, make your insulated thermos bottle unique.


The temperature of the water in the insulated thermos bottle will be displayed by touch on the display screen on the cover of the insulated thermos bottle. The intelligent power saving technology does not need to replace the battery. Stylish and cool look.

This kind of insulated thermos bottle looks so advanced, but its price is not expensive. Do you worry about its unsafe material? Do not worry, it uses 304 stainless steel liner, health and safety, easy to clean, insulation effect will be better.

It also supports customized logo, and is equipped with high-end gift box packaging, whether it is a good choice to send students or friends, a variety of colors can be selected to meet the needs of different groups of people.