Is plastic water bottle harmful for long-term use?

- Nov 28, 2019-

Maybe many people will have the understanding that it is unhealthy to drink water with plastic water bottle, because the material itself is unhealthy. Is it harmful to drink hot water with plastic water bottle?

There are not a few people who use plastic water bottles. Because of the unique advantages and characteristics of plastic water bottles, they are widely accepted by people. The materials of plastic water bottles are all food grade plastic materials, but it does not mean that they are very safe and healthy. Some people say that plastic water bottles cannot be used to hold hot water and drink, is it true?


Is it harmful to drink hot water with plastic water bottles?

1. There are many kinds of plastics. It's hard to tell if there is any harm. The answer is the same when you change plastics into ceramics, glass or metal. It may be harmful, so it's meaningless; In fact, the plastic water bottle is a large category, which has many kinds of materials. Some plastic water bottles cannot hold hot water, such as PC plastic water bottles.

2. If it has been used for more than two years, it is recommended to use glass water bottle and ceramic cups, and plastic water bottles have aging problems;

3. According to the above standards, there are several kinds of plastics that can be used, PP (No.5), HDPE (No.2) and porcelain like plastics. The first kind of PP is the most common in the food industry, that is, the special plastics for microwave oven. In the normal processing process, they will not contain excessive harmful substances;


Harm of plastic water bottle.

1. Some chemicals will be separated out after the plastic water bottle is heated. Although the surface of the plastic looks smooth, there are actually many gaps, which are easy to hide dirt and scale. In the office, people only wash the water bottles with clear water. The water bottles can't be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly.

2. The plastic water bottle is also easy to grow bacteria. Cup by computer, chassis and other electrostatic effects, will absorb more dust, bacteria, bacteria, for a long time will affect health.

It is better to use stainless steel water bottle or glass water bottle in the office, and clean it every day. It is better to use detergent and wash it with hot water. We also need to provide a cover for the cup and keep it away from computers and other electrical appliances. At ordinary times, we should keep indoor air circulation, open windows for ventilation and let the dust go with the wind.