Is PP plastic water bottle harmful to human body?

- Dec 26, 2018-

When consumers buy water bottles, they will not only look at the appearance of water bottles, but also look at the size and material of water bottles. Take PP plastic water bottle for example, because the price is affordable, easy to carry, so popular with consumers. But some consumers will inevitably have some concerns about this special raw material, worried about whether it will be harmful to the human body. Below is about whether PP plastic water bottle is harmful to human body and the difference between PP plastic drinking bottles and Tritan plastic drinking bottles.

Is PP plastic water bottles harmful to human body?

1. PP plastic is a kind of linear polymer with high crystallinity, no side chain and high density. It has very good comprehensive properties. It is white and translucent before colouring. Its transparency is better than polyethylene, its weight is lighter and its hardness is harder than polyethylene.

2. PP plastic is polypropylene plastic, this material is non-toxic, will not cause any harm to human body after use, the processing temperature in the production process needs to reach 180-240 degrees, so even boiling water will not decompose the PP plastic cup, so do not worry about the toxicity of PP plastic cup in use.

3. However, it is recommended that you use ceramic cups, glass or stainless steel insulation water bottles when drinking water everyday, and do not use PP plastic cups to make tea, which is more conducive to the health of everyday drinking water.

The difference between PP plastic drinking bottles and Tritan water drinking bottles.

1. From the performance point of view, PP plastic drinking bottles is usually made of ordinary plastic, but Tritan is a new material, which is far superior to PP plastic cup in performance.

2. PP plastic water bottle is limited by its own factors, transparency is not very good, so from the appearance of PP plastic bottle, there will always be a hazy sense of fog. But the density of Tritan water bottle is lower than that of PP plastic water bottle, so the Tritan water bottle looks very transparent, just like a glass.


3. From the chemical resistance point of view, Tritan drinking bottle has a great advantage, even if using various detergents for cleaning and disinfection, Tritan drinking bottle will not be corroded by chemical substances, but PP plastic bottle does not have this performance.

4. Because Tritan water bottle is better than PP plastic cup in all aspects and safer to use, so the price will be more expensive. TRITAN water bottles are bpa free water bottles and food grade plastic bottles, safe plastic bottles. If you buy a water bottle for your children, we suggest you choose Tritan water bottle.


After reading the introduction above, I believe you have a more detailed understanding of PP plastic water bottles. Although PP plastic water bottles are non-toxic, it is recommended that people choose safer and healthier cups when drinking water.