Knowledge of kids straw thermos water bottle

- Jan 13, 2020-

For the kids water bottle that is closely contacted with the kids, parents must not be careless in the purchase. Whether the material of the kids water bottle is good or bad will directly affect the health of the child.

Thermos kids water bottle, especially the straw thermos bottle, is a controversial product. Some people think it's a necessary product and some think it's chicken ribs. Here's a brief introduction to all aspects of thermos kids water bottle, hoping to help you.


Thermos kids water bottle is a special kids water bottle for children. Compared with ordinary thermos water bottle, thermos kids water bottle is small and light in size and interesting in appearance design, and humanized details are designed for children of different ages. For example, thermos kids water bottle with straw is called thermos kids straw water bottle.


What are the characteristics of high quality thermos kids water bottle?

1. Material safety. The inner liner of stainless steel thermos water bottle is generally required to be made of food grade 304 steel, so as to ensure that the heavy metal dissolved in the insulation cup used for water does not exceed the standard. However, the raw material of 304 stainless steel is much more expensive than 201 or 202. You can see whether "304" is marked on the outer package of goods when you purchase.

2. Attention to detail. The inner and outer surfaces of the good thermos kids water bottle are polished evenly and uniformly, the interface is exquisite, the edge of the bottle mouth is smooth and flat, the rotation of the bottle cover and the bottle mouth should be flexible without gaps, and the plastic of the cup cover has no peculiar smell. No detachable parts at the bottom, simple and unique design, ensuring the safety of children's use.

3. The appearance conforms to children's aesthetic standards. The appearance design of high-quality thermos kids water bottle should conform to children's aesthetic standards. The simple, generous and lovely thermos kids water bottle can stimulate children's desire for drinking water. Not only the design is lovely and generous, but also there is a special custom-made version of the Chinese zodiac, which is loved by children.