Plastic sports water bottle: comparison between hard plastic and soft plastic

- Mar 16, 2020-

Plastic sports water bottle: comparison between hard plastic and soft plastic

In the sports water bottle industry, plastic is an important raw material, which is widely used. Sports water bottle is a common product in life. Now the plastic sports water bottle on the market can be divided into two categories according to the material: hard plastic and soft plastic. In summary, the differences between the plastic water bottles of the two plastics are mainly shown in the following aspects:

In the general plastics industry, the definition of hard glue is that hard plastics such as PS, ABS can be called hard glue. In outdoor sports, it is inevitable to encounter bumps and bumps. Therefore, the sports water bottle made of hard glue has more anti falling and wear-resistant characteristics than the ordinary water bottle, and is the common raw material used by the majority of sports water bottle manufacturers.

Secondly, soft plastic generally refers to those plastics with relatively low surface hardness, such as PP, PE, etc. most white opaque sports water bottles on the market are made of soft plastic. In general, there will be a triangle sign at the bottom of the soft plastic water bottle. Usually, the sign No. 2 or No. 4 is soft plastic. The biggest characteristic of soft plastic water bottle is that it has good heat resistance and is not easy to deform, non-toxic and tasteless, and has a good handle.

Through the above analysis and comparison, it can be clearly recognized that there are certain differences between the two kinds of plastic sports water bottles with different materials. The falling resistance of the hard plastic water bottle is stronger than that of the soft plastic, while the chemical property of the soft plastic is not so stable, but the heat resistance is better. For the sake of everyone's health, it's better to buy sports water bottles in the regular shopping malls, or choose a well-known sports water bottle manufacturer or brand, in case of buying inferior products, which will harm your health.

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