Precautions for custom thermos water bottle

- Mar 27, 2020-

The weather gradually turned cool, coupled with the holding of various enterprise activities, custom-made thermos water bottle has become the mainstream of the industry. However, many individual or enterprise consumers often encounter many small problems when customizing thermos water bottles. In fact, if you want to order a satisfactory thermos water bottle, you must pay attention to the following details.

First of all, we must pay attention to the logo description of customized thermos water bottle. You need to communicate with the seller about the design color and printing price, and pay attention to provide clear and available picture documents. After determining the logo design, both parties determine the transaction price. In the interests of both parties, it is necessary to sign a purchase customization contract.

Secondly, the customer should understand the approximate delivery time range of the customized thermos water bottle, and fully consider different quantities corresponding to different production cycles. In order to customize the thermos water bottle which is satisfied and can keep up with the activity time, we must explain the delivery time at the beginning of the customization, do not cram for it temporarily, and regret not being able to catch up with the time at the end.

Therefore, it is necessary to fully understand the customized instructions, pay attention to the above details, and communicate with the manufacturer according to their own situation, so that a satisfactory thermos water bottle can be customized.