Precautions for using tritan water bottle

- Jan 08, 2021-

Precautions for using tritan water bottle.

For parents, they work hard every day for their children. Drinking water is the problem that parents have to pay attention to. They will choose to buy a good water bottle for their children. Because children are not sensible, they may throw bottles when drinking water. Glass, ceramics and other fragile water bottles can't be used. When using plastic water bottles, they worry about the unsafe material. After hearing about tritan, many parents feel very surprised. So, can a tritan water bottle hold boiling water?

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Can a tritan water bottle hold hot water? It's better not. Because of the particularity of tritan material, overheating or improper disinfection will cause deformation and damage its original performance. Therefore, it is not allowed to use the electromagnetic oven with uneven heating and the microwave oven with difficult temperature control for disinfection.

Difference between tritan water bottle and PP water Bottle:

1. Performance: the traditional PP is a common common plastic, while the new generation tritan is a new special material, so the performance of tritan water bottle is obviously better than that of PP water bottle.

2. Transparency: due to its own limitations, PP plastic has poor transparency, so PP water bottle will have hazy fog. The tritan has low density and good permeability, so the tritan water bottle is very transparent, as clear as glass.

3. Chemical resistance: tritan material ocbottleies an absolute advantage, so tritan water bottle can be cleaned and disinfected with various detergents, and is not afraid of corrosion at all.

4. Price: because of tritan's superior performance, its price will be higher than PP. But this kind of water bottle is very cost-effective, safe and reliable. For the health of themselves and their families, a large number of consumers still choose tritan water bottle.

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Precautions for using tritan water bottle:

1. Use the tritan water bottle with liquid carefully. If it falls off, the product may break under the action of gravity.

2. When boiling for disinfection, the amount of water should be sufficient, and it is recommended to cover more than 2 cm of the product. In addition, large diameter and deep disinfection pot should be selected to ensure that the product can float freely in the process of disinfection, so as to avoid the product damage caused by the water bottle touching the bottom and edge of the pot with higher temperature.

3. Sponge brush should be selected when cleaning the water bottle. Do not use the washing tools with grinding effect, metal and other materials to avoid scratching the product.

4. After the tritan water bottle is filled with milk or juice, it should be cleaned and dried in time to avoid coloring or peculiar smell.

To sum up, the heat resistance of tritan water bottle is general. It is recommended not to fill boiling water and overheated drinks, and not to use tritan water bottle to heat. Generally speaking, tritan is a very good water bottle material. If you have a baby at home, you might as well buy tritan water bottles produced by big brands. The products they make are more reliable.