Principles of buying kids water bottles

- Dec 10, 2019-

Principles to be followed when buying kids water bottles

The following principles can be followed when buying kids water bottles for children:

Principle 1: material is safe and can be disinfected. PP kids water bottle is actually relatively safe and belongs to food grade materials. The kids water bottles that can be sterilized will be marked on the package. When choosing the kids water bottles, parents should see the mark clearly. If it can be disinfected by ultraviolet or high temperature, they can buy it.

Principle 2: resistance to falling and leakage. Younger children may drop water bottle when they are out of control. Fragile cups are easy to spill debris, which can hurt children. The drop-resistant kids water bottle is not only suitable for children, but also can prolong the service life of the kids water bottles. The leakproof function of the kids water bottle is very useful when traveling. Imagine that you have prepared a full bottle of water for your child. As a result, the water in the water bottle will leak more than half of the water for no reason before the child takes a sip. What a pity!

Principle 3: the design of the kids water bottles will not contain dirt. Some businesses in order to make the kids water bottles look more selling point, will design the shape very cute. Delicate appearance may affect the cleaning degree of the kids water bottles. So try to choose the kids water bottles with simple design, convenient cleaning, larger cup mouth, or directly choose the straw type of kids water bottles.

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