Processing principle of thermos bottle

- Oct 18, 2019-

According to different ways of production, thermos bottle can be simply divided into tailed thermos bottle and tailless thermos bottle (or called integral thermos bottle). A thermos bottle with tail is obtained by means of a vacuum exhaust table, similar to a glass thermos bottle and a large electronic tube. On the vacuum exhaust table, insert the thermos bottle (the bottom of the thermos bottle is welded with the exhaust copper pipe). When the vacuum degree is less than 2 × e23pa, cut and stretch the copper pipe with hydraulic tongs, and then enter the next several processes: painting, gluing, electrolysis, polishing, bottoming, packaging and other processes. Tailless thermos bottle is formed in vacuum brazing furnace by vacuum pumping, vacuum brazing, then cooling out, electrolysis, polishing, packaging and other processes.


The holding time of the thermos bottle depends on the structure of the bottle body and the thickness of the material.

1The holding time of large capacity and small caliber thermos bottle is longer than that of small capacity and large caliber thermos bottle.

2. The thinner the material, the longer the heat preservation time, but the thermos bottle body is easy to be damaged and deformed, which affects the service life;

3. The outer layer of the inner liner of the thermos bottle is covered with metal film and copper plating and other measures can also increase the heat preservation performance.

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