Put down the cup in your hand

- Aug 01, 2019-

A professor picked up a cup with water and asked the audience, "Guess how heavy is this cup?"

"50 grams." "100 grams." "125 grams." Everyone answered in succession. "I don't know how much it weighs, but I'm sure people won't feel tired with it at all." "That's good. What happens if you hold it like this for an hour? The professor asked again. "The arms will be a little sour." An audience answered. "That's right. What if I hold it like this all day? "That arm will surely become numb, maybe the muscle will spasm, and there will inevitably be a trip to the hospital." Another listener spoke boldly. "Very well. Will the weight of the cup change for any length of time while I hold it? "No." "Then why does the arm holding the cup ache? Why do muscles cramp? The Professor paused and asked, "I don't want to make my arms ache and my muscles cramp, so what should I do?" "It's very simple. You should put down the cup." An audience answered. "That's right." The professor said, "In fact, sometimes the pain in life is like the cup in my hand. It doesn't matter if we bury ourselves in pain for a few minutes. If we think about it for a long time, it may erode your heart. Over the years, your mind may be on the verge of collapse, and then you can do nothing.

There is a saying that life is nothing but life and death. Many people know this, but they still can't do it. And the reason why we are easily trapped in one person, one thing or another may be because we lack a little wisdom in life.

Everyone's life, there are many unsatisfactory. Big aspects such as not finding the right job, not buying the right house, not talking about the target, small aspects such as because of a small mistake by the leadership scolded for three hours, hard to wait for the bus, but how can not squeeze in... But it may not be that you can't bear all the bad results, but that you can't let go of your bad mood.