Select kids water bottle from these aspects

- Dec 23, 2019-

For mothers, drinking water is a big deal. After all, the growth and development of babies are inseparable from water. However, it is more important than drinking water to buy a kids water bottle for the baby first. However, there are so many kids water bottles on the market, which one is easy to use, which one is suitable for babies, and how to choose?


First, the material should be checked. This is the first condition for choosing the kids water bottle. The main materials of kids water bottle are: plastic kids water bottle, glass kids water bottle, enamel cup and stainless steel kids water bottle, while the plastic material is divided into PC material, PP material, PES material, tritan material and TR55 material. At present, the most common water cups for children are stainless steel insulated water bottles used in autumn and winter and plastic cups used in summer. However, it should be noted that no matter which one is made of food grade materials, it should be tested and certified by the authority.


Second, will it leak? Water cup leakage is very annoying, especially when the child is young, it is inevitable to overturn, collide, forget to close the suction nozzle and other situations. Therefore, as a kids water bottle, the sealing must pass the customs. Sealing mainly depends on two places, one is the connection between the cap of the straw bottle and the head of the straw, the other is the connection between the cap of the straw bottle and the body of the kids water bottle. Now there are also some brands of children's water cups that have leak proof design. If you don't suck, you won't get out of the water. Even if you turn the whole cup upside down, you won't get out of the water. This is very practical. Mothers can pay attention to it when purchasing.


Third, is it convenient to drink water? For drinking water, many children are lack of consciousness and autonomy. At this time, a convenient kids water bottle for children is a good helper to help them drink more water, fall in love with drinking water, develop their own drinking and good drinking habits. Therefore, the selection of kids water bottle should be as simple as possible. For example, you can drink water with one hand push open the suction nozzle with one hand. The water absorption is smooth and does not need to work hard to screw the cup cover.


Fourth, the details should be in place. Don't underestimate the details, which ensure the safety and comfort of children's drinking water. For example, choose a strong and bite resistant suction nozzle close to the child's mouth, which can prevent choking when drinking water; the handle of the kids water bottle is soft and comfortable to hold, which can protect the baby's soft and tender hands; there are also lengthened suction pipe and air inlet design, which can easily absorb water, etc., which are all the concerns of mothers.