Selection skill of glass water bottle

- Mar 05, 2020-

Glass water bottle is a common tool in our life, but many people don't know how to choose a glass water bottle. They usually buy a glass water bottle directly. Today I'll teach you how to choose glass water bottles.

How to choose a glass water bottle?

1. Logo and trademark: whether it is a famous manufacturer, or whether the company has a special trademark, and whether it supports barcode (one of the standards for entering the mall).

2. The appearance of the glass water bottle shall be clean, transparent, beautiful, free of cracks, scratches and dirt; the glass body shall be smooth, free of burrs that may damage the skin; there shall be no bubbles and stains in the glass body; the oil printed patterns and handwriting on the glass body shall be clear and beautiful.

3. The sealing performance of the glass water bottle, that is, whether it is leakproof: after the cap is tightened, shake the glass water bottle substantially, the glass water bottle is in any state, and the liquid in the glass water bottle does not leak.

4. Pour hot water into the glass water bottle to smell without peculiar smell.

5. Sealing ring and silicone sealing ring parts contacting drinking water shall not stick after immersion in boiled water, and the appearance shall not change significantly.

6. Fit of cup cover and cup body: the cup cover and cup body should rotate freely, open and close flexibly without slipping.

7. Temperature resistance: the glass water bottle shall be free of water leakage, crack, damage and other defects affecting the use after pouring boiling water.

8. Filter screen: the size is suitable for the bottle body, it will not slide down, and the thickness meets the standard and is not easy to bend.

9. Packaging: beautiful appearance, the cheapest paper box, slightly better for handbags, gift boxes, portable gift boxes, the best for mahogany boxes plus handbags.

When using glass water bottle for the first time, please wash it with soft cloth and warm water.