Some considerations for using thermos bottle

- Jun 12, 2019-

Some considerations for using thermos bottle

[Cleaning method]

1. Clean each part after each use.

2. Clean with mild neutral detergent. Do not use bleach or chlorine-containing detergent to avoid damaging the thermos bottle.

3. Clean the surface of the bottle body, dip thermos bottle in warm water with soft cloth and wipe it with diluted food detergent. Do not use bleach, gasoline, metal grinding powder and wire ball to wipe the thermos bottle.

4. When cleaning the inner liner, it is necessary to wipe it with soft sponge, cloth and brush, and keep the inner dry after wiping.



1. This product is vacuum thermos bottle and has a long time of heat preservation. Do not drink directly to the mouth of the bottle. It is dangerous of scald. It is recommended to pour the cup or the lid into the cup and drink at a suitable temperature.

2. When boiling water is added to the thermos bottle, it should not be too full, and there is a risk of overflowing and scalding. Avoid falling, collision or strong impact, which will cause deformation of the bottle body and affect the effectiveness of the product. Avoid any form of direct heating or high temperature, otherwise it will cause resin deformation and discoloration, affecting the use efficiency of products.

3. Do not add dry ice, carbonated drinks and other liquids which are easy to produce high pressure in the vacuum thermos bottle. Do not add soy sauce, soup and other salty liquids to avoid corrosion of the bottle body.

4. After filling the perishable drinks such as milk, please drink and clean them as soon as possible so as not to decay the inner liner after deterioration.

5. Do not use thermos bottle for other purposes than heat preservation and cold preservation.


Matters needing attention:

1. Do not pack carbonated drinks or dry ice, so as not to spout drinks or bottle caps, nor milk, so as to avoid corruption. Please put it next to the heat source to avoid affecting the function.

2. Do not wash in dishwasher

3. The amount of boiled water should not be too full. If excessive boiled water is added, it will overflow when the cap of the bottle is screwed. There is a risk of scald.

4. Keep out of reach of children to avoid scalding. When hot drinks are added, scalds should be avoided. Because of the heat insulation effect, the outside of the insulated bottle will not be heated when hot drinks are added.

5. Avoid overturning, falling, collision and strong impact, otherwise the thermos bottle will be deformed, etc.


Do not add the following substances:

1. Dry ice, carbonated drinks, etc. (Increased internal pressure will cause the lid to not open or the liquid in the thermos bottle to eject).

2. Salt or corrosive substances such as soy sauce and soup. Avoid any form of direct heating. Do not use alkaline bleaching agent, metal agent, chemical cloth, etc. when cleaning.

Maintenance methods and use methods: When not in use for a long time, the inner should be fully kept dry. To prevent odor or stain, clean and dry thoroughly after use. Clean the bottle body with neutral detergent before use. When in use, hot water or ice water is added to preheat or pre-cool. Tighten the bottle stopper clockwise in order to prevent leakage.