Super practical! Sterilization of baby bottles.

- Jul 10, 2019-

As an important tool for baby to eat, baby bottles play a very important role in baby's life. Mothers should pay special attention to the hygiene of baby bottles. After each use, besides cleaning in time, baby bottles should be disinfected regularly. So what are the ways to disinfect baby bottles?

1. Steam pot disinfection method

At present, there are many kinds of electric steam cookers with various functions and brands on the market. Parents can choose according to their own needs. The way of disinfection can achieve the purpose of disinfecting feeding utensils as long as they follow the instructions. However, it should be noted that before using the steam pot to disinfect, all bottles, nipples, bottle caps and other items should be thoroughly cleaned, then put in together, press the switch, and when it is disinfected, the power supply will be automatically cut off.

After the baby bottles disinfection is completed, the water left in the bottle should be thoroughly poured out, then buckled and drained, and disinfected bottle clips, disinfected bottles, nipples, bottle caps, etc., clips placed in a ventilated, clean place for cooling, and covered with gauze or cap. In addition, if the bottle is not used 24 hours after disinfection, a new disinfection should be carried out to prevent bacterial growth.


2. Boiling disinfection

In order to prevent milk fermentation and mildew in the baby bottle, after each feeding, the remaining milk should be poured out immediately, and the bottle and nipple should be cleaned with a milk brush. After boiling the boiling water, the baby bottle is opened and put into the boiling water. The boiling time is 15-30 minutes. The specific method is as follows:

1. Prepare a stainless steel cooking pot filled with cold water. The depth of the water should cover all the cleaned feeding utensils. (Stainless steel pots should be special for sterilizing milk bottles and should not be mixed with other cooking foods at home)

2. If it is a glass baby bottle, it can be put into the pot with cold water. After 5-10 minutes of boiling water, it can be put into the plastic products such as nipple and bottle cap. Cover the pot cap and boil for 3-5 minutes. Turn off the fire after the water is cooled a little. Then take out the nipple and bottle cap with the sterilized bottle clip, and put it back on the bottle after drying. If plastic baby bottle, wait for water to boil, then put the bottle, nipple and bottle cap together into the pot to disinfect, boil for about 3 to 5 minutes, and finally use the disinfected baby bottle clip to pick up all utensils, and put them in a clean ventilated place, and drain them upside down.