Take the thermos as a gift

- Nov 15, 2019-

With people's demand for personalized, fashionable and affordable gifts, gift thermos bottle has become a major mainstream in the gift market in recent years. The thermos bottle has become an economic and practical gift.

Do you know how to choose so many brands and styles of thermos bottle s on the market?

When choosing the gift of thermos bottle, we also need to customize different schemes according to the different audience.


1. Gift thermos bottle for business men. For low-key business men can be a delicate business thermos with tea infuser. Business men like to make friends with tea. This thermos can not only protect people's healthy drinking water, but also be used to make tea.

2. Gift thermos bottle scheme for customers. When choosing to send thermos bottles to customers, it's better to choose some stainless steel thermos bottles with simple shapes and colorful colors. Stainless steel gift thermos bottle has three functions of heat preservation, cold preservation and fresh preservation, and has three advantages of health, fashion and environmental protection. It meets the requirements of current green environmental protection and low-carbon economy, and is consistent with people's consumption concept and popular trend. This kind of thermos bottle is always used as a gift for customers to make others bright. And the hardness of stainless steel metal texture will be softened by beautiful curves and gentle colors, with unique fashion charm.

3. Gift thermos bottle scheme for young people. The elegant and fashionable stainless steel office thermos bottle is mainly light and elegant in color, which is very suitable for young office workers and students. Soft color, warm touch, let love warm the whole season. Men can choose simple and generous thermos bottle, women can choose warm color system thermos bottle.