The baby feeding bottle needs to be washed like this

- Feb 28, 2019-

Baby bottles are one of the most common products for babies, such as milk powder and drinking water. So the cleaning and disinfection of bottles is very important. About the problem of bottle disinfection, maybe for some parents, the knowledge of bottle cleaning is very little, the disinfection of bottles is not in place, leading to problems in the baby's intestines and stomach, which is also a headache for the mother.


Usually the bottle disinfection is divided into:

1.Steam disinfection at high temperature: This disinfection method is convenient and safe. Now on the market, the electric steam feeding bottle sterilizer, mothers can choose according to their own needs.

2. Special feeding bottle cleaning agent. Special feeding bottle cleaning agents are made of natural chemicals, so there is no need to worry about residual chemicals during baby bottle cleaning. As long as you buy them through regular channels, it will not affect the health of your baby. If you wash baby feeding bottles with clean detergent, then you must wash the baby bottles thoroughly before you can give them to your baby.

3. High temperature boiling disinfection: boiling disinfection is also a common method used by many mothers, but also the most favorite method of disinfection. But there are also points to be noted, some plastic baby feeding bottles can not be boiled directly, especially poor quality feeding bottles, so the mothers should also pay attention to, must choose good quality baby bottles.

If your baby is using a glass feeding bottle, mothers have to choose the second way to clean it.