The Benefits of Drinking Water

- May 27, 2019-

Water is indispensable to life. In human metabolism, water and air are indispensable. Human beings may live for several weeks without food; they may die without water for three days, which shows the importance of water to human beings. What water do you drink? How to drink water? How much water do you drink? These seemingly insignificant problems are the key to a healthy life. Drinking water is also a kind of learning.


All cells in the human body need water, which is the main component of the human body; blood circulation, digestive system or other chemical functions need water to complete. One of the signs of water shortage is thirst. Normal people need about 1.5 liters of water a day (if measured by how many cups, about eight cups of 200 milliliters of water); however, it also depends on the physiological condition of individual activity. How much and how do we absorb to be healthy? At least 900 milliliters of water are lost through kidneys, lungs, intestines, digestive secretions and skin every day, so it is absolutely necessary to drink more water if we want it to play a medical role in the body.


Although water has many benefits to human body, not all people are suitable to drink a lot of water. Normal people who drink too much water will not have much impact on health, but may cause increased urination and inconvenience in life. But people with heart disease, kidney and liver problems are not suitable for drinking too much water, because drinking too much water can aggravate the condition. It would be better for these people to follow the doctor's advice on how to drink and how much water to drink.


In addition to thirst, ordinary people can also pay attention to the color of urine to pay attention to when more water should be added: the normal color of urine should be light yellow, if the color is too dark, it must be added more water; if the color is very light, it may drink too much water. Insufficient water intake can easily lead to urethral infection, stones, constipation and other problems. Drinking more water can stimulate intestinal peristalsis and soften stool. Therefore, people with constipation should pay special attention to absorb enough water. When you have a cold or a fever, you should drink more water, because rising body temperature will drain water. Drinking enough water can promote the body to dissipate heat and help patients recover. In addition, people who exercise heavily also need to increase their water intake.


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