The Love of Glass Water Bottle

- Jul 08, 2019-

You said my heart was like a glass water bottle

Simple transparency like water

Even if full of heartbreak

It can also be easily spilled and pretended to be indifferent

I gripped a glass water bottle with my hand

Heartbreaking silence

Even if again free and easy laugh again beautiful

What to compensate for a broken heart


For a long time, the most disliked thing is the glass, no matter how delicate, no matter how beautiful, I refused to accept it from the heart. For me, this kind of cold object has no courage to even pick up and watch. Only in the most heartache, the most helpless moment, I will choose it, choose to hold hands tightly, will not easily open. In my world, it is too easy to break, too easy to lose, too easy to let people taste the pain of passing away.


Pick up a small glass water bottle

Can't hold too many tears

A little more love makes a little more tired.

Sprinkle some and let go of yourself


How good the lyrics say: a small glass water bottle can not hold too many tears, a little more love will be a little more tired, sprinkle some for their own release. For some time, I often feel that my heart is like a small glass water bottle, full of too many thoughts, and those things that I can't give up are accumulated bit by bit, until they get heavier and heavier, until I want to make this small water bottle unbearable. How come I never thought about spilling some deliberately? Tired, people will always be more and more tired!


That gentle and delicate glass water bottle

Always too easy to break

filled with tears can not hold charming.

Who annihilated whom

who can understand


This rainy day, surrounded by tips about the glass water bottle, thinking about everything about the future can not be imagined, sometimes, emotions are a torrential wave, a careless, will be completely submerged...