What is the standard of a good vacuum insulated bottle

- Mar 31, 2021-

Summer is a particularly sleepy season, but also a thirsty season! At this time, if you can enjoy a cold drink or cold coffee anytime and anywhere, the choice of the vacuum insulated bottle is the most important. How to choose a good vacuum insulated bottle? Basically, there was a fight around a few questions: how much are you going to spend? What kind of material are you going to buy? Which one are you going to buy? Where can I buy it?

8903detail06 vacuum insulated bottle

First point: what is good?

First of all, the money must be spent in place. Which is a good vacuum insulated bottle, 12 dollars or 30 dollars? Life needs real good things. The lines of a movie impressed me deeply: if you blindly eat cheap food, you will become a cheap man. In our daily life, we can't use top-level good things often because of the limitation of reality. However, it's necessary to choose the good things we really like when we can. What you buy for the sake of cheapness is not what you really love, and will soon be abandoned. On the contrary, it is a waste of money.


Second point: inner liner of vacuum insulated bottle.

The material inside the vacuum insulated bottle determines whether the water we drink is healthy or not. Different materials have a great impact on our health. This step is the most critical.

At present, there are several harmless materials for human health, which are 304 stainless steel, glass and ceramics. Glass and ceramic liner outside the general will also cover a layer of stainless steel. According to the current market situation, almost all of the vacuum insulated bottles are made of 304 stainless steel, and some of the vacuum insulated bottles are made of glass or ceramic.

When the cover is not covered, 304 stainless steel liner will not rust after putting water in it and drying it for a few days, while 201 and other low-grade stainless steel will rust after a few days, which is very obvious.


vacuum insulated bottle inner liner

The third point: the quality of sealing silicone ring.

The vacuum insulated bottle cover needs silicone ring to play the role of leak proof and heat preservation, but this humble silicone ring can see whether the vacuum insulated bottle is worth buying or not.

The color of silicone can be translucent or opaque. The easier way to judge its quality is to smell.

Regular and qualified silicone has no peculiar smell, and the silicone produced by small manufacturers that do not pay much attention to quality will have a pungent peculiar smell. They usually tell you that this is normal, and the peculiar smell will be gone in a few days.


Fourth point: cover and shell materials.

Good vacuum insulated bottle cover and shell materials are made of brand new materials, healthy and durable. Poor cups use recycled materials, because the lid has to endure high temperature for a long time, so it must have an impact on health.


Fifth point: usage scenarios.

The vacuum insulated bottle is for home use, office use or gift, etc.; different occasions, the choice of the vacuum insulated bottle is also different, home is very casual, you like it, strange shape is no problem. Office vacuum water bottles can be formal and beautiful. The Gift vacuum insulated water bottle needs to be well packaged.


Dry weather, water is essential, remember to take good care of yourself. Drinking warm water often is good for your health.