The story about vacuum bottle you don't know.

- Apr 08, 2021-

The story about vacuum bottle you don't know.

Many people are using the vacuum bottle, but has anyone thought about how it was designed? How much do you know about the history of vacuum bottles? Why does it have the function of heat preservation? What are its manufacturing processes? I want to share with you these stories about the vacuum bottle.


1. Origin of vacuum bottle.

Vacuum bottle is developed from vacuum flask, and the principle of heat preservation is the same as vacuum flask. In 1892, Sir James Dewar, a Scotsman from Oxford University, invented the vacuum flask. He put one bottle into the other and drew air out of the gap between the two bottles. Because the vacuum does not transfer heat, the hot or cold water in the vacuum bottle will keep the original temperature for a long time. In the 1950s, the sales volume of vacuum bottles reached the peak. During this period, families would carry vacuum bottles on picnics, seaside excursions and camping.

 Diller 8714-details08 vacuum flask

2. Introduction of vacuum bottle.

The vacuum bottle is generally made of ceramic or stainless steel and vacuum layer. The top of the vacuum bottle has a cover and is tightly sealed. The vacuum insulation layer can delay the heat dissipation of water and other liquids in the vacuum bottle, so as to achieve the purpose of heat preservation. Vacuum bottle is developed from vacuum flask, and the principle of heat preservation is the same as vacuum flask. There are three ways of heat transfer: radiation, convection and transfer. The smooth inner liner of the vacuum bottle can reflect the radiation of hot water, the vacuum layer of the inner liner and the bottle body can block the heat transfer, and the bottle which is not easy to transfer heat can prevent the heat convection.

 8777-detail02 diller vacuum flask

3. Functions of vacuum water bottle.

The surface of the bottle is bright and clean without peculiar smell. After pouring hot water into the bottle, holding the bottle without heat feeling is a qualified vacuum bottle. Diller vacuum water bottle is made of medical grade 316 and food grade 304 stainless steel, which is refined by advanced vacuum technology. It has fashionable and beautiful shape, good sealing performance, and the insulation bottle with good insulation performance is even better. The vacuum bottle can be filled with ice water and ice, or hot drink. At the same time, functional innovation and detailed design also make the new vacuum bottle more connotative and practical.


4. The production process of vacuum bottle.

There are many layers in the vacuum bottle, and its interlayer is generally vacuum, which can prevent heat radiation and heat conduction. There is a sealing silicone ring on the bottle cover, which is also for better temperature locking and leak proof. Then through spray painting, electrolytic thin spinning and other complex processing technology, we can complete the manufacture of a vacuum bottle!