Thermos food jar related knowledge

- Feb 20, 2019-

I. What is a thermos food jar?

Thermos food jar is to put food (especially soup) into the cup, then pour hot water, and then cover the lid for about 2 hours, with the help of the cup heat preservation function, cook the food. It is a convenient and economical cooking utensil. The shape of the thermos food jar is similar to that of the cup, which is divided into cup body and cup cover.


2. Working Principle of thermos food jar.

After boiling water is injected into the thermos food jar, food is put into the thermos food jar when it is used, and the temperature of the thermos food jar is kept for a long time by the effect of heat preservation.


3. The function of thermos food jar.

It has many functions, such as cooker, stew, burning, heat preservation, cold preservation, easy to carry and so on; moreover, it is safe, energy-saving, environmental protection, and the process of steaming does not take off gas, evaporate, preserve food nutrition and original taste.

Suitable for: cooking at home, free from waiting; taking meals and delivering meals, easy to use.