Tips on stainless steel water cups

- May 22, 2019-

1. Carcinogenic risk. Stainless steel is made of ferrochromium alloy mixed with other trace elements. These trace elements include carcinogenic heavy metal nickel. If improperly used, heavy metal nickel will dissolve, which will endanger human health and even cancer.

2. Chronic disease risk. The improper use of stainless steel cups will release chromium, nickel and other elements. And then long-term accumulation in the body, leading to many chronic diseases. One of the causes of Alzheimer's disease is the long-term accumulation of some metal ions in the body.

Purchase guide:

When choosing stainless steel cups, you should go to the regular shopping mall to buy them. Watch carefully whether there are three codes of "13-0", "18-0", "18-8". The front number indicates the chromium content, while the latter number represents the nickel content. It is better to choose the first two, and the last one is not recommended.


Guide for use:

1. Do not keep acidic drinks (if juice, carbonated drinks) or strong alkaline foods (if vegetables, beans) for long periods of time. Especially salt, soy sauce, vegetable soup and so on.

2. When cleaning stainless steel cups and utensils, be careful not to use strong alkali or oxidizing chemicals, such as soda, bleaching powder, etc., in order to prevent the dissolution of chromium, nickel and other metal elements.