Transparent and pure glass water bottle

- Nov 26, 2019-

I don't know if anyone has the habit of not drinking water in autumn and winter. Sometimes one glass of water a day, and three or four cups in summer. In fact, it's not healthy. We adults normally drink eight glasses of water a day.

How to make oneself develop the good habit of drinking more water? Here are some of my experiences. That is to choose a beautiful drinking water bottle. Looking at beautiful and comfortable things will improve our mood and increase our frequency of using them, which is based on psychology.

Not only that, beautiful water glass water bottle can also add luster to the family. Imagine that when a guest comes to his or her home and sees a large piece of furniture or ornament is very delicate, he or she will feel that it is right. But if an ordinary water glass is also exquisite and exquisite, the guests will feel that the owner of this house is a person who pursues the quality of life and has a very style.

Crystal clear glass water bottle, used to drink water will always have a more sweet feeling, people will have an impulse to drink it all. Especially those beautiful glass water bottles, each of which is like a work of art, can bring people a special aesthetic feeling. There is no lack of fashion in elegance, so that you can enjoy the exquisite life.


1. Home glass cup without lid. The cup at home, I like this pure white wide mouth glass cup. When I get up in the morning, pour some milk, and then add some cereal, it's breakfast. If you happen to have fruit at home, you will put some fruit directly in. Delicious and nutritious breakfast will be solved. Time allows, but also squeeze some juice, favorite drink mango juice. Put some more ice down. The yellow color reflected by the glass cup is really super beautiful.

 DILLER glass water cup

2. Glass water bottle to carry outside. I'm a person who likes to take glass water bottle with me when I go out. I like to take long and thin glass water bottle, because they are relatively small, easy to carry and do not occupy space.

 bamboo lid glass water bottle

3. Tea glass water bottle. Use the teacup that is used to ceramics, change the teacup that is made of glass, and have a different flavor. The glass tea water bottle is particularly transparent. It is used to make tea more transparent and looks very beautiful. Especially after the decoration of the glass water bottle, more elegant.

 glass tea water bottle

4. Straw glass water bottle. In addition, many people now pay great attention to environmental protection and healthy life style. To live a healthy life, we need to choose a healthy water cup. Now, glass water bottle products are the best cup. The glass water bottle is not only beautiful in appearance, but also safe and healthy.

I've always been very fond of glass water bottle, like the transparency of glass water bottle.

Straw glass water bottle