Two thermos water bottles with different lids

- Feb 24, 2020-

In fact, there is no strict distinction between the design of the two types of thermos water bottles: The one-hand push button lid type thermos water bottle and the ordinary rotary cover type thermos water bottle. As for which one to choose, it depends on your use scenario.


The advantages of the button type thermos water bottle are that the opening method is simple and quick, easy to operate, and it can be opened easily by pressing. If it is used in outdoor scenes, such as driving, sports, with children, sometimes it is impossible to use two hands for operation. It will be more convenient to use the thermos water bottle which can be opened directly by one hand, while ensuring the use safety.


If it is daily indoor use, and both hands are convenient to operate, the button type thermos water bottle and the ordinary rotary cover type thermos water bottle are good choices, depending on personal preferences


In addition to the design and structure of the cup cover, the material selection, quality and appearance of the thermos water bottle are also worthy of attention. Try to choose the thermos water bottle with 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel liner, which can ensure the safety and health in use. Meanwhile, the high-quality thermos water bottle is more reliable in heat preservation performance.

Finally, a good thermos water bottle, naturally can not do without beautiful design. The thermos water bottle is beautiful, and the mood is good when drinking water. If you want to buy thermos water bottle, you can learn about Diller's thermos water bottle products, which are good choices in terms of product quality, insulation effect or appearance design.

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