Use thermos baby bottle carefully

- May 04, 2020-

At present, there are many thermos baby bottle designed for babies. Its heat preservation principle and function are no different from that of other thermos bottles. The air between the double-layer stainless steel shell and the inner tank is completely extracted to form a vacuum temperature insulation layer, which is then plated with copper on the outer wall of the inner tank and sealed with food grade cover, so as to achieve the purpose of heat preservation.

Just like other thermos bottles, thermos baby bottle also has the effect of heat preservation and cold preservation. It is all through the vacuum interlayer to play the role of heat barrier. Many mothers use it to make milk powder and so on.

However, because babies lack the ability to self-care and control their actions, they need the help of their parents, and at the same time, they must use the thermos carefully. Many thermos baby bottles use straw mouth, and the cover can be opened as soon as it is pressed. If it is too hot water, when pressing the switch, hot water is likely to be ejected from the suction pipe. Sometimes, children will accidentally press it, and it is easy to be scalded.

Moreover, the straw is made of silica gel, which may release substances harmful to children's physical and mental health in high temperature. Before choosing a thermos baby bottle, mom should choose a food grade water bottle without BPA and high temperature resistance.

Therefore, the thermos baby bottle with a straw is not suitable to contain boiling water over 50 ℃, so as to avoid inadvertently being scalded during use. Usually, it can be directly poured into 40-50 ℃ warm water.

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