What are the materials of the baby milk bottle

- Nov 24, 2020-

Baby milk bottle is a kind of appliance used to hold milk, which is usually used for infants. The bottle itself does not contain a nipple, only refers to the bottle body, but generally the manufacturer of baby bottle will give a nipple. For the baby bottle in the bottle, the raw materials can be divided into: glass baby bottle, plastic baby bottle and silicone baby bottle. Among them, the materials of plastic baby milk bottles are generally PC, PP, PES, PPSU and silica gel. The "PC" material has been proved to release the toxic substance bisphenol A (BPA) at high temperature of 100 .

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The material of the baby milk bottle.

Glass baby milk bottle: good safety, heat resistance, and not easy to scratch, not easy to hide dirt, easy to clean, and the price is not expensive, suitable for the use of newborns who need to take milk many times. But it is fragile, so it is suitable for the mother to hold and feed the baby at home.


Plastic baby milk bottle: light, can be used for baby after 3 months. Materials generally include PC, PP, PA, PES, PPSU. Among them, PP baby milk bottle is the most common, low price, good performance, is the first choice of plastic baby milk bottle.


Silicone baby milk bottle: safe, light weight, suitable for babies of any age. Of course, because of the soft texture of silicone baby milk bottles, baby will feel more comfortable to use.

Stainless steel baby bottle: stainless steel baby bottle has a long service life and low price, so it can be used as a bottle choice for babies over 1 year old. But because the stainless steel baby bottle is opaque, we can't see how much milk is left inside.


Silver ion baby milk bottle: it is made of safe materials such as PES and nano silver, completely free of bisphenol; it has stronger antibacterial and antibacterial effect by adding silver ion; it can be used for 7-8 months, but the price is relatively high.