What is Glass Water Bottle Silicone Sleeve

- Jun 14, 2019-

I believe that everyone has used glass water bottles. In winter, we tend to follow a universal rule, that is, to drink more hot water. Therefore, glass water bottles are our daily necessities. However, do you often get scalded when you pick up hot water? Either because the glass water bottle was too slippery and broke it. Today, I bring you a very practical and convenient glass water bottle with silicone sleeve.


What is a hot drink anti-scalding water bottle silicone sleeve?

The anti-scalding silica gel water bottle sleeve is a kind of silicone sleeve with the function of heat resistance and anti-fall, which can resist temperature from - 40 to 220℃. The anti-scalding silicone sleeve for hot drinks can effectively prevent the glass water bottle from sliding due to hot drinks. We support product wholesale, customization, but also for you to customize brand LOGO, festival gifts and other water cups and water bottles.


What are the characteristics of silicone sleeve glass water bottles?

1. Unique product design, diverse styles and colors;

2. The silica gel sleeve of glass water cup has good anti-skid stability, bright color and decorative property.

3. Health and environmental protection, no odor, shockproof, mildew proof, sunscreen;

4. Elegant and beautiful, soft and comfortable silicone sleeve, can be placed at will;

5. Easy to replace and clean.

6. Environment-friendly, non-toxic, wear-resistant, skid-resistant, anti-aging, corrosion-resistant, durable.


What are the requirements for packing?

1. Product packaging: cartons

2. Outer packing: carton

3. Special packing requirements can be customized