What is bad about plastic water bottles?

- Aug 06, 2020-

What is bad about plastic water bottles?

People cannot live without water, which is the source of all things. In the company or other occasions, maybe provide paper cups for drinking water. But most of the time it's better to bring your own water. There are roughly three kinds of water bottle materials, which are plastic, glass and stainless steel. The price of the water bottle is determined by the material. The price of plastic water bottle is very low. Many people like to buy plastic water bottles.

What is bad about plastic water bottles?  This problem needs to be analyzed concretely in many aspects. There are many kinds of plastic materials, such as PS, PVC, PC, PP and tritan. Different plastic materials have different properties.

The main performance defects of PC are poor hydrolytic stability, notch sensitivity, organic chemical resistance and scratch resistance. Due to the need to add bisphenol in polycarbonate manufacturing, bisphenol A will induce a series of safety problems such as precocious puberty, so it is recommended not to choose plastic water bottle made of PC.

At present, the relatively safe plastic materials are PP and tritan. I suggest using plastic cup made of tritan material. Tritan has no BPA component in the polymerization process and does not release BPA in the use process, so it belongs to food grade material.

How long is the shelf life of a plastic water bottle? The use and cleaning methods of plastic water bottles are different, which has a certain impact on the "life" of plastic water bottles. Although there is no explicit stipulation on the plastic shelf life of which material is, there is a general statement in the industry that the shelf life of most plastic products is between three and five years.

Experts suggest that the life of food grade plastic water bottle, it is best to change every two years, after using for a period of time, to see whether it has discolored, brittle, internal concave convex, etc., if there is such a situation, should be replaced in time.