What is the best plastic for water bottles?

- Aug 11, 2020-

What is the best plastic for water bottles?

There are many kinds of plastic water bottle materials. In our life, we often see and use three kinds of materials: PC plastic material, PP plastic material and tritan plastic material, which are food grade plastic materials. If you want to know which material of plastic water bottle is safer, you should make a comparison among the three materials!

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PC plastic water bottle is one of the most common water bottles. Although it belongs to food grade plastic water bottle, it has many excellent properties, but it is controversial because of BPA, because BPA has great harm to human body, long-term intake of BPA will have cancer risk, and BPA will be more harmful to infants and young children! So, at present, very few people will choose PC plastic water bottles.

PP plastic material is the only one among all plastic materials that can be heated in microwave oven! Of course, PP plastic water bottle is also very common, but it seems that it does not contain BPA, no matter in terms of transparency or tenacity and other properties are not as good as PC plastic material, and although PP material does not contain BPA, it does not mean that PP material is absolutely safe, and unknown PP material will even be more harmful than PC material! Therefore, it can not be said that PP plastic material is very safe!

Tritan water bottle is very popular in recent years. The reason is very simple. The safety of tritan material is very high. Tritan material does not contain BPA and any other bisphenol. In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, it is listed as the designated material for infant products. Its safety can be seen. So, if you want to ask which material is the safest for plastic water bottle, there is only tritan plastic material at present!

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