What is the best thermos water bottle?

- Dec 18, 2020-

What is the best thermos water bottle?

Autumn and winter come, in addition to easy to make sleepy season, is also the time to start cold hands and feet! At this time, if you can drink a cup of hot tea or coffee anytime and anywhere, the selection of the cup is the top priority.

What is the best thermos water bottle? Different people have different criteria in mind. How to choose a good thermos water bottle? Basically, there was a fight over a few questions: how much are you going to spend? What kind of material are you going to buy? Which one are you going to buy? Where can I buy it?

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First, what is good?

It must be the money that needs to be spent. In our daily life, limited by the realistic conditions, we can't use the top-level good things everywhere. However, under the conditions that we can do, it is necessary to select the good things that we really like. What you buy because it's cheap is not what you really love. It's a waste of money. What's more, the thermos water bottle is a water drinking tool, which can be used every day and accompany you anytime and anywhere. A good insulated thermos water bottle has been used for many years without any problem. The price should not be the threshold for choosing a proper thermos water bottle.


The second point: the inner liner of the thermos water bottle. The material of the tank determines whether the water we drink is healthy or not. Different materials have a great impact on our health. This step is the most critical. At present, there are several harmless materials for human health, one is 304 stainless steel, one is glass, and the other is ceramics. Glass and ceramic liners are usually covered with a layer of stainless steel. In view of the current situation, 304 glass and stainless steel may be used in the future. If the lid is not covered, 304 stainless steel will not rust if it is put in water for a few days and then dried, while stainless steel such as 201 will rust after a few days, which is obvious.

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The third point: the quality of silicone ring. The cover of the thermos water bottle must use silicon rubber ring to prevent leakage and heat preservation, but this small silicon rubber ring can see whether the thermos water bottle is worth buying or not. The color of silica gel can be translucent or opaque, and the simple way to judge whether it is good or bad is to smell it. High quality silica gel can't smell the peculiar smell, but the silica gel produced by small factories that don't pay much attention to quality can smell a pungent smell.

What is the best thermos water bottle? After reading the above introduction, I believe you have the answer in your heart