what is tritan water bottle

- Jan 13, 2021-

Water bottles are always used in daily drinking, and there are all kinds of water bottles on the market. Most of them are plastic ones, which are easy to carry and light, and have various styles and colors, which can meet the needs of the public. However, the plastic water bottle has always been questioned by people. People are always worried that the overheating water in the plastic water bottle will produce harmful substances, which makes many people dare not use the plastic water bottle. However, in recent years, tritan water bottle is very popular. Compared with PP water bottle, it will be safer. But some people still doubt whether tritan water bottle can hold boiling water? Let's answer what is tritan water bottle and introduce the characteristics of tritan water bottle.

what is tritan water bottle

First, let's answer the first question: what is tritan water bottle? Before we answer this question, Before answering this question, we need to know what material tritan is.


Tritan material

Tritan material is a new generation material developed by Eastman company in the United States, and it is also a new material that can replace PC material. Its scientific name is copolyester. It is a kind of health and environmental protection grade material, and has obtained JHOSPA food grade certification. Tritan material has the characteristics of safety, heat resistance and durability, so this material is mostly used in baby products, such as tritan baby bottles. In addition, tritan water bottles are safer and more environmentally friendly than PC water bottles. Nowadays, tritan water bottles are popular with the public and have good sales volume. So tritan water bottle is made of tritan material.

D49-detail07 tritan water bottle


Advantages of tritan water bottle

1). Tritan is a new generation of special materials, BPA Free, compared with the traditional PP material, it is more safe and environmentally friendly.

2). Tritan water bottle has excellent corrosion resistance and heat resistance.

3). Compared with PC and PP materials, tritan material has low density and good permeability, so tritan water bottle is as clear and transparent as glass.


Among the plastic water bottle materials, tritan material is a new developed material. The water bottle made of tritan material is more safe and healthy, and it is also the only plastic water bottle that can safely hold hot water without worrying about the release of harmful substances. Therefore, you can rest assured to use the tritan water bottle.