What kind of material is better for baby bottles

- Dec 17, 2019-

What kind of material is better for baby bottles?

There are many kinds of baby bottles on the market, with different materials. This will make some novice mothers, in the selection of bottle problems, will not know which kind of baby bottle, will be more suitable for their own baby. So, what material is better for baby bottles?


In the selection of baby bottle material, it needs to be determined according to the actual age of the baby. Generally, for babies three months ago, parents can choose to use glass baby bottles for their babies, because glass baby bottles have high heat resistance, good safety, convenient cleaning, and are not easy to be scratched, so they can be reused.


When the baby is three months old, mothers can replace the baby's bottle with a plastic one. Generally, plastic baby bottles are divided into PP, PES and PPSU materials, which have different advantages. The performance of PP baby bottles will be more stable, PES baby bottles are easier to clean, while PPSU baby bottles have higher safety factor and better durability.


In addition, mothers should pay attention to testing the hardness of baby bottles when selecting them. Generally, good baby bottles have high hardness and are not easy to deform. If the baby bottle texture is too soft, it is easy to deform when it is sterilized at high temperature, and it may also exude toxic substances. At the same time, pay attention to the smell of baby bottles. Generally, qualified and high-quality baby bottles do not have any peculiar smell.