What kind of plastic baby bottle is good

- Dec 12, 2019-

What kind of plastic baby bottle is good?

Mothers may wish to compare all kinds of material baby bottles to see which material is more suitable for their baby's needs. Which kind of plastic baby bottle is good is a problem that can not be ignored. Diller solemnly reminds us to pay attention to this problem.

What kind of plastic baby bottle is good? Many mothers are very concerned about this problem, especially in the face of all kinds of baby bottles in the supermarket. At present, there are mainly three kinds of plastic baby bottles on the market, PP (polypropylene), PPSU (polyphenylsulfone) and PES (polyethersulfone resin). There are also a small amount of PA (polyamide) materials. In the early stage, PC (polycarbonate) is also commonly used to make milk bottles, but because PC baby bottles contain bisphenol A, it has been withdrawn from the market.

Because the common feature of plastic baby bottles is light and fall resistant, and the above four materials are safe without bisphenol A, to know which material is good, you can compare it by transparency, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, cleaning difficulty, replacement time, price, etc.


Transparency and wear resistance: PPSU and PA are the best.

Compared with glass baby bottle, the disadvantage of plastic baby bottle is poor transparency and easy wear, the surface will be atomized after a long time of use, the milk in the bottle cannot be clearly observed, and it is not easy to clean. However, with the development of science and technology, the transparency and wear resistance of PPSU and PA baby bottles are comparable to those of glass baby bottles.

PPSU generally presents a light golden yellow color, but the transparency is very high, and it is not easy to wear. PA is a colorless and transparent material with excellent transparency. PP material is a light milky white, permeability to be relatively poor. The transparency of PES is between PP and PPSU.


High temperature resistance: all can withstand high temperature above 100 .

As the baby bottle needs high temperature sterilization, it is generally required to have better high temperature resistance characteristics. PP baby bottle can withstand 120 , PPSU baby bottle can withstand 180 , PES milk bottle can also withstand 180 , PA baby bottle can withstand 220 .


Cleaning difficulty: material matters little, the key is the shape of the bottle.

Plastic baby bottles are generally more difficult to clean than glass baby bottles, so bottle brush is essential. From the perspective of practical use, it is almost difficult to clean the four kinds of baby bottles. The key is to look at the shape of the baby bottles. If the shape of the baby bottles is strange and there are many dead angles, it is generally not easy to clean them. Therefore, it is generally recommended that mom buy products with relatively regular shape of the baby bottles.


There are different opinions on the replacement time of plastic baby bottles. Some businesses claim that the baby bottles will be replaced within 3 months after use, while others think that they will be replaced within half a year. However, as a consumer, it is too luxurious to replace the baby bottles once every 3 months, usually only after the baby bottles are atomized. From this point of view, if the transparency of the baby bottle is high and wear-resistant, it can be used for a long time, that is to say, the use time of PPSU, PA and PES is usually longer than that of PP, which is also related to personal habits.

Some consumers worry that not strictly abide by the three-month change baby bottle, will threaten the baby's health. In fact, the qualified plastic products are also solid and durable. Although the use time is uncertain, they will not age in three months. Many products are on the shelf for more than three months.