What kind of plastic water bottle can be used

- Nov 22, 2019-

What kind of plastic water bottle can be used? Plastic water bottles are mostly made of chemical materials, and the stability of many chemicals is very poor. So, what kind of plastic water bottle can be used?

What kind of plastic water bottle can be used?

Plastic water bottle is popular with many people because of its changeable shape, bright color and the characteristic of not afraid of wrestling. It is very suitable for outdoor users and office workers. Generally speaking, the bottom of the plastic water bottle has a mark, which is the number on the small triangle. The common one is "05", which means the material of the water bottle is PP (polypropylene).

PP water bottle has good heat resistance, melting point in 170-172, chemical properties are also relatively stable, in addition to being eroded by concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated nitric acid, other chemical reagents are relatively stable. The problem with ordinary plastic water bottles is common. Plastic belongs to polymer chemical materials. When plastic water bottle is used to hold hot water or boiled water, polymer can easily precipitate and dissolve into water, which is harmful to human health after drinking. Moreover, there are many pores in the internal microstructure of plastic, in which there are dirt hidden, and bacteria will breed if not cleaned clean.


Therefore, the selection of plastic water bottle is very important for the selection of plastic materials. It is necessary to select food grade plastic that meets the national standards. That is, PP material. Plastic water bottle contains too many chemicals. Be careful when using it.


Can plastic water bottle make tea?

Some phthalate esters (plasticizers) will be added to plastics to facilitate processing and molding. Phthalate esters will also be brought into the production process. The solubility of phthalates increases obviously with the increase of temperature. The solubility of phthalates in oil is higher than that in water, that is to say, the components in plastic water bottle will dissolve in tea.

In addition, some plastic tea water bottles have qualified marks, but there are many chemical components in the plastic tea water bottles. The tea contains rich theophylline, which is brewed at high temperature. Theophylline has the function of slightly corroding the plastic under high temperature. Generally, the plastic tea water bottles are easy to emit potential chemical substances of the cup under high temperature, causing harm to human body. If the plastic water bottle is used to soak tea, it will increase the chemical composition Some even have chemical effects. When plastic meets heat, it will produce toxic substances. When plastic meets high temperature, it will decompose a strong plastic smell. Therefore, it is not appropriate to make tea in plastic water bottle.