What kind of vacuum flask thermos should I buy?

- Jul 31, 2020-

What kind of vacuum flask thermos should I buy?

In addition to the common stainless steel vacuum flask thermos and Teflon anti-corrosion coating vacuum flask thermos on the market, in recent years, ceramic vacuum flask thermos, bone china vacuum flask thermos and glass vacuum flask thermos have been listed one after another. These new vacuum flask thermoses are mostly designed to meet the needs of coffee or acid drinks. What kind of vacuum flask thermos is suitable for you? Let's compare.

Stainless steel vacuum flask thermos.


Liner material: alloy composed of manganese, chromium, nickel and other metal elements. 304 and 316 stainless steel with good stability is the best.

Weight: moderate.

Advantages and disadvantages: stainless steel water bottle has certain corrosion resistance and impact resistance. However, compared with other materials, its acid-base resistance is weak, so it is not suitable for carbonated drinks, fruit juice and other acidic drinks; moreover, the inner wall of the bottle is easy to get dirt and residual odor. It's best to use it to hold water.

Cleaning method: it is better to clean with soft brush or sponge brush, and it is not suitable to use steel brush, which is easy to scratch the inner wall.

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Coated vacuum flask thermos.

Liner material: fluorochrome anti-corrosion coating.

Weight: moderate.

Advantages and disadvantages: the coating may fall off if the coating is not properly brushed, collided or filled with ice in the bottle; when filling drinks, it is better not to contain acid drinks.

Cleaning method: use soft brush or sponge brush to clean.


Ceramic vacuum flask thermos, bone china vacuum flask thermos, glass vacuum flask thermos.

Inner liner material: among the three materials, Bone China is more special. Animal ashes are added to the porcelain to make the glaze more smooth and delicate.

Weight: heavy.

Advantages and disadvantages: suitable for fruit juice, carbonated drinks, milk, coffee and other drinks. The inner wall is easy to clean, not easy to accumulate dirt and odor. But strong collisions need to be avoided.