What you don't know about glass cup

- Apr 27, 2019-

Glass cups, divided into:

1: Ordinary glass cups

2: Crystal glass cup.


Crystal glass cups are divided into two types~

1: Lead-containing crystal glass cup (also known as imitation crystal glass cups, great harm to the human body, resolutely do not buy)


2:Lead-free crystal glass cups (expensive)

Why do some contain lead and others do not?

When you have seen many kinds of glassy, high-end and cheap glass cups, you have a question: why did the glass cups we saw as children, especially the thick glass cups, such as canned fruit bottles, not have such a brilliant, high-end atmosphere? That's because the glamorous, beautiful, high-end and inexpensive glass cups are based on ordinary glass cup raw materials, adding a moderate amount of lead oxide. In this way, the brightness and transparency are relatively high, and it looks very bright and gorgeous.

How do you tell if a crystal glass cup contains lead?

1: Sound: The sound of impact is as pleasant as that of metal impact. In a quiet environment, you can still hear the aftervoice. The sound of glass cup containing lead is more dull.

2: Gloss: Lead-free glass cup has a strong ability to refract light, so it has a brighter color.

3: Weight: Under the same model, lead-containing crystal glass cups weigh heavier.

4: Lead-free glass cup has stronger impact resistance.

5. Smell: However, some lead-containing glass cups can also be used in various ways to reduce the pungent odor.