Why does plastic water cup crack

- Nov 17, 2020-

In addition to quality problems and improper use, plastic water bottles will become soft and cracked due to aging or hardening of plastic, especially when they are used to hold high-temperature liquid, oil, acid and alkali products. Plastic water bottle cracking can be bonded with resin AB adhesive, but the cracked plastic water bottle should not be used as far as possible. After all, it is used for drinking water, and it is more appropriate to replace it in time. Let's learn how to repair the cracked plastic water bottle!

D32-white plastic water bottle

1.Why does plastic water bottle crack?

Many friends who use plastic water bottles will find that plastic water bottles will crack when they are used, even if they have not been dropped or the quality is good. In fact, the cracking causes of plastic water bottles are mainly caused by aging and hardening of plastics. Under normal conditions, the shrinkage rate of materials of plastic water bottles is far greater than that of glass water bottles, and they will not be broken like glass water bottles under rapid heat conditions Cracked, but the water bottle itself will obviously soften and give off an odor. Often in the hot, high temperature, oil, acid and alkali environment, will accelerate the aging and hardening of plastic water bottles, resulting in cracks over time.

Therefore, we should not only pay attention to avoid falling hard, but also avoid using plastic water bottles to contain liquid such as high temperature, oil stain, acid and alkali.

2 How to repair a cracked plastic water bottle?

The repair method of plastic water bottle cracking is to mix with resin AB adhesive and apply it on the gap. After the adhesive is dry, it can be used after cleaning and disinfection. It is convenient and fast.

However, it is suggested that the plastic water bottle should not be used after it is cracked, because the cracked plastic water bottle may be a product of substandard quality. If it is not a quality problem, it means that the plastic water bottle has been used for a long time. The material of the plastic water bottle has begun to decompose, and it is easy to breed some small molecular products. Moreover, small cracks are easy to breed bacteria, It is not conducive to our health, so timely replacement of cracked plastic water bottle is a better choice.

When purchasing and replacing plastic water bottles, try to buy famous brand products.