Why does thermos water bottle rust

- Nov 20, 2019-

A friend poured boiling tap water directly into the newly purchased thermos water bottle. The next day, he found that the bottom of the thermos water bottle was stained with some yellow attachments, which seemed to be rusty. Then he asked Diller if the rusty thermos water bottle could still be used. Diller suggested that the friend pour some vinegar or citric acid into the thermos water bottle, after that, wipe with a clean cloth to see if the small yellow spot can be removed. After the test, this friend was surprised to find that the small yellow spots on the bottom of the inner liner of the thermos water bottle were missing. The reason was that the small yellow spots were not the problem of the material used for the vacuum thermos water bottle, but the problem of the water scale itself.

Boiling water is a relatively primitive method of disinfection and sterilization, which may be a simple and economic method in areas with less water pollution. However, in today's serious water pollution, it can't meet the requirements of human beings. The high temperature of 100 ℃ only kills viruses and bacteria. However, the bodies of chloroform and other bacteria in the water will condense with the boiling water for a long time. Drinking the water will do harm to human body, and burning the water will waste gas and electricity, and the taste of the boiled water is also poor. Today, with the improvement of living standard, we should find another shortcut. There are heavy metal substances harmful to human body in the scale, such as cadmium (CD), aluminum (PB), arsenic (AS), mercury (HG). Most of the toxicity of these heavy metal ions to human body can be accumulated in human body, which will easily lead to cancer lesions for a long time. Most of the rust in the inner of the thermos water bottle is caused by scale.


In addition to the scale problem, the cause of thermos water bottle rust is also related to the material, environment and other factors.

1. If the material of the thermos water bottle contains too much iron, it will also rust. It is recommended to make sure what material the thermos water bottle is made of before purchase. The thermos water bottle made of 430 and 201 materials will rust easily. It is recommended to purchase the thermos water bottle made of 304 materials.

2. In case of water rust, the red spots similar to rust are the result of the action of mineral calcium, magnesium and iron in the water. If the stains become obvious, please clean them in the following order.

(1) Dilute about 10g of citric acid with warm water and pour it into thermos water bottle.

(2) After 2-3 hours, wash with soft brush, and then rinse with clear water.

(3) Make it fully dry.

3. If the cover of the vacuum thermos water bottle is opened, and there is more dust in the environment where the thermos water bottle is placed, the dust will stick on the inner wall surface of the thermos water bottle, and it may also cause the inner tank of the thermos water bottle to rust.

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