Wonderful use of waste thermos water bottle

- Nov 21, 2019-

I believe that we all have old thermos water bottles. It's a pity to lose them. It's useless to keep them. Today, I'd like to share with you some wonderful uses of the old thermos water bottles. Let's play their residual value again and turn them into treasures. Let's look at them together.

 thermos water bottle 001

The first wonderful use: use thermos water bottle to store dry grains.

Some dry grains in the kitchen, such as millet, peanuts, various beans, prickly ash, octagonal and other condiments, are easy to get damp if they are not stored properly, and the grains will grow insects. We can put these things into the thermos water bottle. Although the thermos water bottle is not heat preservation, it is particularly airtight, and the moisture-proof effect is very good, and it is very convenient to take and place.

 thermos water bottle 002

The second wonderful use: use the thermos water bottle as a money can.

Coins used for shopping are easy to lose when they are packed in a pocket, bag or in a cabinet or drawer at home. We can put these coins in a thermos water bottle, cover them and put them in a proper place at home. We will never lose them again. It's very convenient to find the coins when we need them. It's economical and practical.

 thermos water bottle 003

The third wonderful use: use the thermos water bottle as a vase.

Some thermos water bottles are very beautiful in appearance. They can be used as vases. They are very good whether they are planted with green plants or placed with dried flowers.

 thermos water bottle 004

Do you have an abandoned thermos water bottle in your house? Use it quickly.