Worries about PC plastic sports water bottle

- Apr 09, 2020-

Nowadays, PC products can be seen everywhere, no matter plastic water bottle or plastic packaging box, many of them are made of PC. When it comes to PC plastic sports water bottle and human health, many consumers are at a loss and don't know the relationship between them. Moreover, most consumers are concerned about whether PC material sports water bottle contains elements harmful to human health.

The reason why plastic water bottle is often made of PC material is that it has good physical and mechanical properties and chemical stability, certain strength and elasticity, wear resistance and falling resistance. In addition, PC has high transparency and free dyeing, easy to process and print.

However, since PC is a double polycarbonate compound, consumers are worried about whether PC water bottles will release harmful substances at high temperature. In fact, it is not comprehensive to say that the plastic water bottle is toxic. The PC material that meets the national health and safety standards has no peculiar smell and is harmless to human body. If it is only used as daily drinking water, there is no problem in choosing PC water bottle.

When purchasing plastic water bottles, we don't talk about plastic color change. When purchasing, we can choose food grade plastic with safety guarantee, or choose famous brands or manufacturers, which can eliminate everyone's worries. Plastic water bottle will not be dangerous to your health under normal use, so you don't need to worry too much about the harm of PC plastic sports water bottle.

BD002 plastic sports water bottle