A Drop Of Water Is Sometimes A Sea

- Jul 31, 2019-

God gave everyone a glass of water, so you drank from it into life.

Life is really a glass of water. The gorgeousness of the cup shows a person's poverty and wealth. But the water in the cup is clear, transparent, colorless and tasteless. It's the same for everyone. Next, you have the right to add salt and sugar as long as you like.

This is your right to life. No one can deprive you of it.

You have a desire to keep adding water or sugar to your cup, but you have to stop it because it has a limited capacity.

When you sip, you need to savor it slowly. Because you only have one cup of water. When the water is finished, the cup is empty.


A fox saw a grape tree in the wall, which was full of attractive fruit. The fox is salivating. It looks for imports everywhere. Finally, a small hole was found, but it was too small for its body to enter. So, after six days of hunger strike outside the fence, he became hungry and thin. Finally, he went through a small hole and ate grapes happily. Later, however, it found that its well-fed body prevented it from drilling outside the fence, so it went on a hunger strike for six days and lost weight again. As a result, the fox returning to the wall is still the same as the original fox.


For life, a drop of water is sometimes a sea. There are many reasons about life that need not be explained by the sea. A drop of water is enough.

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