Advantages Of Ceramic Cup

- May 13, 2019-

1.Most people have such experience, if it is a plastic lunch box, filled with some dishes, especially fried dishes with large amount of edible oil, oil will adhere to it, especially difficult to clean, even with detergent, it is not easy to clean. The porcelain is easy to clean, and most of the time it can be cleaned only by flushing with water. If there is more oil, drop a little detergent, you can wash very clean, especially bright.

2. Slow heat transfer. Like other materials for daily use, especially plastic, heat transfer is very fast, if poured a cup of hot water, the body of the cup will become very hot. But if you use ceramic cups, there is no such problem. Another key aspect is that plastic releases chemicals at high temperatures, which are harmful to the human body, but ceramic cups are not, and they are healthier to use.

3. Long service life. With the development of science and technology, some dishes or bowls in the home also have stainless steel and other materials. These are very convenient to use, not afraid of falling, not afraid of breaking, but these materials will react with saline or alkali or other substances, forming a certain corrosion on the container, affecting the service life. But porcelain is different. It has a very corrosion resistance.