Ants In Glass Water Bottles

- Apr 30, 2019-

Two ants, unfortunately, fell into the glass water bottle. They panicked around the bottom of the glass water bottle, trying to find a gap to climb out. Soon they found that it was impossible. So they began to climb up the bottle wall. It seems that this is the only way to freedom. However, the surface of the glass was so smooth that they had just climbed two steps and fell heavily.

Ants in Glass Water Bottles

Three, four, five times... On one occasion, they were about to climb to the mouth of the bottle, but unfortunately, the last step failed, and this time more painful than ever. An ant rubbed his ass and said, "We can't take any more risks. Otherwise, it will break to pieces." Another ant said, "Just now, aren't we one step short of victory?" Then he started climbing again. Falling and climbing again and again, he finally touched the edge of the bottle mouth, and with the last bit of strength, he climbed over the transparent wall.


Across the glass, the ant in the glass water bottle asked enviously and jealously, "Tell me, what's the secret of your success?" The ant outside the glass water bottle answered, "It's probably the hardest time to approach success. Whoever doesn't lose confidence in the hardest time may win."


The ants in the glass water bottle were inspired and encouraged, and no longer feared being hurt and began to climb again, eventually climbing out of the glass water bottle and joining another ant.


The important reason why the ant does not give up is that it has the belief of winning. If it sticks to the belief of winning in setbacks, it will not lose the power of persistence.