Bottle Cleaning Method

- Nov 26, 2018-

Because there are some dirt and bacteria hidden in the bottle and nipple that can harm your baby's health, cleaning and disinfection of the bottle and nipple is crucial.

1. Can be used for special bottle detergent, can also use natural ingredients made of detergent, with bottle brushes and sponges clean.

2. The nipple part is very easy to residue milk powder, whether the outside or the inside should be thoroughly cleaned with sponges and brushes.

3. In order to prevent the residue of detergent, the nipple is washed clean, it is best to flip the nipple over to clean the interior. 4. After the water in the pot boils, you can disinfect the bottle and nipple.

The bottle is lighter and easier to float on the surface of the water, filling the bottle with water to sink. 5. Boil the nipple after 3 minutes of boiling; boil the bottle for 5 minutes to remove it. At the end of the boiling, place the leachate on a clean gauze and put it in the box.