Can Stainless Steel Thermos Water Bottle Contain Honey Water?

- Mar 13, 2019-

In autumn and winter, when the weather turns cool, many people like to take thermos bottles out to drink hot water. Honey has a very good moisturizing effect on human body in cold and dry season. In order to drink honey water outdoors, some people want to fill honey with stainless steel thermos water bottle. Can stainless steel thermos water bottle contain honey water?


Stainless steel thermos water bottle is not suitable for honey water. Because honey is a weak acidic substance, it is not suitable for long-term contact with metal utensils. The inner liner of stainless steel thermos water bottle is also metal. The acidic substances in honey are prone to chemical reaction after contacting with metal, which destroys the acidic substances and other nutrients in honey, leads to deterioration of honey and is not conducive to health.


Moreover, the thermos bottle is not easy to clean. Frequent filling of honey water will make honey remain in the bottle, which is easy to breed bacteria, fungi and other substances, which is not conducive to health. It also produces an unpleasant odor in the bottle, affecting drinking. In addition, it is easy to shorten the service life of the thermos water bottle when acidic and carbonated beverages are filled in the thermos bottle for a long time.


Honey is best brewed in glass water bottle or ceramic cup, which will not affect the nutritional composition of honey. And glass or ceramic cups are easy to clean, not easy to have honey residues, will not breed bacteria, fungi, conducive to the protection of health. In addition, honey should not be stored in metal utensils at ordinary times, preferably in glass bottles or food-grade plastic utensils. Honey can be sealed and stored in a dry place at room temperature for a long time without easily deteriorating.