Characteristics Of Double Wall Glass Water Bottle

- Jul 26, 2019-

Characteristics of double wall glass water bottle

As a new product in the cup, double wall glass water bottle has become the best tea set for drinking tea, especially for brewing all kinds of famous tea. The double wall glass water bottle is crystal clear, not only suitable for viewing, but also has the best effect for brewing tea. At the same time, glass water bottles are cheap and good in quality, and are welcomed by consumers. Double wall glass water bottle have the following advantages:

1. Material: The bottle body is made of high-quality high-borosilicate crystal glass tube, which has high transparency, wear resistance, smooth surface, easy cleaning and health.

2. Structure: Double-layer heat insulation design of bottle body not only keeps the temperature of tea soup, but also does not burn hands, making it more convenient to drink.

3. Technology: It is fired at more than 600 degrees high temperature. It has strong adaptability to temperature change and is not easy to burst.

4. Hygiene: Food-grade standard, can hold hot water, tea, carbonate, fruit acid and other beverages at 100 degrees high temperature, anti-malic acid erosion.

5. Leakage prevention: The inner and outer layers of the cup cap and the sealing rings meet the safety standards of medical grade and are effective leakproof.

6. Suitable for drinking tea: green tea, black tea, Pu'er tea, scented tea, craft scented tea, fruit tea, etc., to enhance the quality of life.

7. Custom-made advertising cups, gift cups, image cups, promotional cups, screen printing Logo and other design and customization services can be customized according to customer requirements.